Whois Privacy Protection with Site Gods

WHOIS Privacy Protection will be the proper solution for everyone who really wants to always keep his private information away from the general public. Using the Whois Privacy Protection service provided by Site Gods, you can be sure all your personal data is without a doubt secure and that no–one is ever to find it.
Simply by putting a system e–mail in the WHOIS contacts, we’re going to take care of all of the arriving e–mails and allow through purely basic notifications like transfer permission queries. By doing this, you’ll not be interrupted by spammers or folks who plan to infringe your level of privacy.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Since some registrars have as of present established Whois Privacy Protection restrictions on their own TLDs, we are unable to deliver a Whois Privacy Protection service for all the domain names on our list. Having said that, the quantity of domain names that come with Whois Privacy Protection is constantly expanding and it already comprises the preferred domain names extensions.
Pay a visit to our detailed TLD specifications web page to see which of the offered domain extensions support Whois Privacy Protection.

SSL Certificates

Purchase an SSL certificate with a mouse click

In case you manage an e–store with an order form or a community web site with a member’s login form, then you’ll have to get an SSL certificate in order to protect these areas as well as to assure your clients that their info is safe. To accomplish that, you just need to order an SSL certificate for a particular host through the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel.

Just click the Order SSL Certificate button, select the sort of certificate that you want – generic or wildcard, and fill in the necessary details. Then click the Order button and we will give you your SSL certificate’s details.

SSL Certificates

Multiple Domain Name Control

Multiple domain name managing done properly

Working with our Domain Manager is quite easy, regardless of whether you’ve got one or multiple domains to manage. Through its simple–to–use interface, you can select numerous domains at once and renew them (for one or multiple years), change their name servers or update the WHOIS data pertaining to them instantly.

In case you also have a web hosting account with us, you’ll be able to administer both multiple domains and multiple websites simultaneously from just one single place.

Multiple Domain Name Control

Domain Manager

One–stop domain name managing solution

The Domain Manager is an indispensable part of our hosting Control Panel and includes all the features that you need in order to manage your domains. It boasts a user–friendly interface via which you can manage DNS settings, modify WHOIS data, lock your domain or set up subdomains with only a single click of the mouse.

Through the Domain Manager tool you may also purchase more services such as Whois Privacy Protection and SSL certificates.

Domain Manager

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Speedily register a variety of domains

If you are developing a brand on the World Wide Web, you just can’t depend on one domain. In order to develop strong brand recognition as well as to protect yourself against any online identity theft, you will need to secure several different domain names simultaneously – my–brand.com, my–brand.net, and so on. Within the web hosting Control Panel you will find an efficient solution to that problem – Site Gods’s bulk domain registration tool.

You can register plenty of domains at once and even specify different WHOIS info for each one of them.

Bulk Domain Registration Options

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  • Site Gods gives you cut–rate prices for domain names. You will discover over fifty TLDs, every single one offered at unique registration costs.
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  • Learn more about the TLDs we offer. Discover what’s the lowest registration period or whether you can get Whois Privacy Protection for your domain.
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  • Service Guarantees

  • Appreciate hassle–free domain hosting services. At Site Gods, we we do guarantee a 99.9% network uptime.
  • Contact Us

  • Do you want to learn a little more about the Whois Privacy Protection service? Just phone us and / or load the online chat alternative on our site. You may as well take advantage of the 24/7/365 ticketing system or send us an e–mail message. One–hour response is guaranteed.