It isn't uncommon for many users to use weak passwords because they are easier to remember or to use scripts, templates and plugins which aren't updated for a long period of time. In either of these instances, it will not be hard for a hacker to take control of the site and immediately after that to take control of other sites that are hosted within the very same account. To prevent this kind of a scenario, we have added an advanced level security option known as JailHost. It limits the access that a script has solely to its own folder, so if one of your sites is compromised, the attacker will see its content, but won't be able to see any other content part of your account, therefore the damage will be minimal. Of course, employing JailHost doesn't substitute the safety measures you should take by keeping your scripts up-to-date and using long and complex passwords, but it will allow you to restrict the damage to one site only.

JailHost in Cloud Hosting

JailHost is available as standard with all the cloud hosting plans that we offer and you could enable it with just a mouse click in your Hepsia Control Panel. In contrast to other Control Panels where add-on domains keep their content in the primary domain folder, each and every domain or subdomain in Hepsia has its own folder, thus using JailHost shall make a major difference. You will be able to select which websites will use the feature and will be locked based on your content as you could have some site where you wish to allow users or administrators to access other folders inside your website hosting account. Nevertheless, this option will add an additional level of security to your sites in addition to the firewalls which we use and even if any of your Internet sites gets hacked, you'll be able to restore it easy and fast using any of the several daily backup copies of your entire account which we'll generate.

JailHost in Semi-dedicated Servers

JailHost is provided with all of our semi-dedicated server packages, so if you host multiple sites, you can isolate them from one another and keep them safe. This feature must be activated for every single website and is not active by default, so as to avoid interference with scripts that need access to multiple folders inside the account. Enabling it for all other websites will take no more than several mouse clicks inside the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. Unlike other Control Panels, Hepsia does not place several websites under the primary domain folder. Instead, every single domain or subdomain has its own folder, which makes it much simpler to control and shield all of your websites. In case that an Internet site within your account gets hacked, not only will your other Internet sites remain untouched, but we will also be able to recover the affected site in a short time because we will have multiple backups of your entire content.